Penultimate FOHnies June '19 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!

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Yep, it's the next to last edition of the FOHnies. :o However, despair not! We'll be ushering in loads of new content and comps over the coming weeks and months to more than fill the void. :buddies:

In any case, July's a great month to get cracking on posting some stellar, or not-so-stellar, content and you just might take out one of the last FOHnies awards.  :spotlight: Think of the prestige!!... :cofcig: 

If you're new to FOH and know nothing of the FOHnies, go here to learn more. 

To the winners for June!!

(Important: if you're a winner tagged below, please PM me your details @MoeFOH and we'll arrange dispatch of your prize). 


:party: Is it rocket science? We don't know. But we feel safe in saying you may have actually had to attend Oxford in order to grasp the intricacies of the Habanos RE world. Thus, the Oxfords goes to @SenorPerfecto for the post: 



:party: Classic Boots stuff here. The FOHnie goes to @cigarzfan for the post: 



:party: This tv nostalgia post seemed to strike a warm and fuzzy bone in a lot of us... The Uggs goes to @Cigar Surgeon for the post: 



:party: This one could have one the Uggs, too--for making us all feel warm and fuzzy that it wasn't us on the receiving end! :yes: Loved reading the comments on this...  Great post. A classic for this category... The Golden Flips Flops goes to @BuzzArd for the post: 


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