Cohiba Esplendido EOS Sep 17 CRW

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So I've had several out of this fifteen pack, none that have knocked my socks off.  This had been somewhat disappointing considering what we pay for these bad boys.  Anyways, since it's a Cohiba review weekend, I decided to have another crack at these expensive cigars.  This time, I was blown away.  The first half was amazing....all I can describe it was honey.  It was a smoothe, fantastic smoke that made think that maybe....just maybe, Cohiba were worth the premium.  Now I've had plenty more CC that were just as good, if not better, for a far lesser price...but I must say, this was a most enjoyable smoke.   The second half was only okay -  maybe a bit better with time.  But the first half was a 93+ cigar that knocked my socks to come.  


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