Partagas Corona Senior (RGRW)

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A recent FOH store purchase from the spring sale. No info.

It really is funny how your state of mind affects a review. I’m sitting in front of a Siglo III tubo I just brought back from the island. I really had plans on burning it after packing everything up for the big freeze. I decided to go with this partagas tubo instead. 


Cut it up with the cheap Cohiba v-cutter I have. Nothing spectacular on the cold draw. Draw is a little tight but manageable for me. Lights up well and the burn is really nice. Two cigars with perfect burn for me in a row. Flavor is earthy/leather but burns the throat a little. Very similar flavors as other partagas that I’ve had.


Burn and construction are really amazing me. But I’m realizing the partagas flavor is just not for me. Staying very woody and leather at the halfway point. Spicy with the retrohale.



Staying strong with the woods and leather. Not much else that I’m picking up.


Last third bringing some complexity, some black coffee and earth/licorice. Definitely a quality Habano.


I would take this camping for sure. Would be a perfect end of the day at the campfire. Satisfying but not complex. Not the smoke I wanted today but experience is what it’s all about. Rate it at 3/4 on the price/experience scale. 

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i grabbed one of these with a box date from 2013, so it had a few years on it. let it rest for 6 or so weeks in my humidor and smoked it the other day. i was not a fan at all, and partagas are some of my favorite cigars. my corona senior was very one-dimensional and rather unpleasant flavor.

i'd recommend not giving up on partagas though, depending on what else you've already tried.

thanks for the review!


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