Best cigar for lazy breezy beach afternoons

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I type this as I puff on a nice Monte #2 on a beautiful sunny, breezy S. Florida afternoon at the beach. Problem is the breeze is messing with the burn something fierce and makes my experience a bit less than perfect. This stick is from a good box which has given me no problems thus far. 

Any experienced beach smokers care to chime in on preferred vitolas/brands that may possibly deal with windy conditions a bit better? 



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Smaller rg, imo. They are quite resilient and only take a second to touch up. When I go to the mountains for fishing on a lake is the only time I bring/smoke cohiba shorts. Or just make sure your bigget rg is dry boxed enough.

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I love having cigars on the beach. I make sure I have a beach umbrella diverting the wind, and usually smoke the smaller sticks.  Love Montecristo on the beach! Beach life! 

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Love cigars on the beach and the sound wind and surf killing the noise of the rat race. 

I don’t change what I smoke when it comes to the beach.  I have smoked lanceros, robustos, PCs and marevas. 

Just have to create a wind break. 


The umbrella shelter idea is great and have used that.  They are cheap and work so well.  I have put loungers on their side to block wind and then sat on the sand.  Sat in a chair pad storage box to get out of the wind. Dunes etc  

Hell even used my wife on several occasions as a wind break. 

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So as a quick update, the smoking session progressed in the same manner, but more importantly my enjoyment of the cigar was very much diminished by the breeze in the sense that the wind just immediately kept blowing off the smoke and I was unable to enjoy the lingering aromas. Kind of a bust, really.

I will definitely try the umbrella suggestion, as well as the smaller ring gauge idea. Thanks for the comments!

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