Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 problems


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So I’m building a wineandor and because I use a Cigar Oasis ( will call it CO from here on) in my desk top with absolutely NO issues I decided to buy the newest one.


Since day one - ISSUSES


FIRST- temperature reading is high. Very high. My cooler and hygrometer all reading about the same. But the CO considerably high. Cooler reading 18 C and the CO reading 24-26. Sent CO an email and they said “ 2-3 points off of the temperature reading is within acceptable range for the bureau of standards.”


SECOND- it’s constantly ran. Set my RH levels at 69 and it would be 70-72 on the CO and 74-77 on the hygrometer


THIRD- the wifi and app are a joke. There has since been an update but because of the first to main issues I pulled the machine out


Today I decided to revisit the CO and calibrate it with a Boveda Calibration pack at 75. I placed it in a glass container and turned it on. I’m happy to say the RH is set at 75 and it appears to be holding.




The temperature is reading 28.3c in my room that is currently at 20c. Two hygrometers AND my original CO.


Any and all communication has stopped with CO via email. I thought I would ask out here if anyone has had the same issues before I contact them again IMG_2857.jpg



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Using any kind of active humidification in an wineador is a bad idea, especially if it's running all the time.  There is nowhere for the excess humidity to go, thus creating a dangerous situation for your smokes.  Just my 2 cents.

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Revisiting this in regards to Cigar Oasis Plus.  I have the older version and it seems to have died. I'll plug it in using the ribbon cable and it lights up and that it's it. It's not even running and the buttons don't do a damn thing. This is third overall Cigar Oasis humidifier that I have gone through in about 7 years (2 of the Plus and 1 of the smaller Ultra).  Is that about the average on these things? Are the Hydras better? Not really keen on the Hydras low alert unless you can turn that off.   

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