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  1. Lovely cabinet. But 14 months wait time is brutal!
  2. Anyone in Portugal seen any San Cristobal Saudades still on the shelves?
  3. I'm now going to stand on my front porch and smoke a Cohiba Lancero in my underpants ...😡
  4. My better half just texted me going through Heathrow. She reports back that there are no Cuban cigars at the Duty Free, None. Zero. Sweet %$#@ all! Not even a crappy three-pack of RYJ #1 Lady behind the counter said the suppliers have simply stopped supplying. I fear we may well be in full-on cigarmageddon. Cherish your stashes.
  5. My regular online B&M just had one of their regular deep discount sales for members and Davidoffs were conspicuously the only brand made ineligible. This is new.
  6. Packaged like a box of suppositories with a price to match; I think REs are done in Canada.
  7. The Demi-Tasse are a regular favourite of mine and my holdings go deep. I've never had a bad box.
  8. My wife's last Caeser Salad served sans anchovies was a joyless bowl of vegetal slop and the closest I ever want to come to divorce.
  9. I ran two Xikars for a while until i got fed up of constantly replacing the batteries.
  10. I use 6 320g Bovedas in a 28 Bottle wineador and it's been rock solid for months and months.
  11. I still have the better part of a couple of boxes of the Hoyos. They weren't bad at all, last I remember.
  12. Yeah; I too seem to have been quietly developing a bit of a thing for Casdagli/Bespoke.
  13. I'm a huge MDO4 fan. Thankfully, a nice fellow offered me the opportunity to go deep on them some years ago. Feeling pretty good that I still have three boxes with about 5 years on them.
  14. I like the marca and the new size as well as the availability in boxes of ten. Not sure why, but I get more fun out of two boxes of ten than one of 25, even if it's not the most economical approach. These are on my potential "buy" list, if they're not too outrageously priced.

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