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I have been four times with two trips to vinale

my observations 


Did not see any roadside cigars

I purchased some puros at the farms.  Pretty crude rolls.  More of a donation as far as I was concerned.  Certainly not quality rolls.  Sounds like an extension of buying off the street-  don’t do that as I did on my first trip.  I truly believe you are better off by visiting the Casa De Habanos stores, getting your proper paper work and enjoying the experience.  I was also stopped at Airport on one trip-  Not pleasant

Remember-  they can confiscate anything that has improper proper work 


i love Cuba

Don’t put yourself under pressure



Enjoy your trip



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On 6/18/2019 at 1:47 PM, Bill Sorensen said:

I was also stopped at Airport on one trip-  Not pleasant


Getting stopped at Jose Martí is half the experience....comes highly recommended by Fodor’s.

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Once you're in Vinales you can find lots of options for tours, or just walk out to the nearby farms (5-10 minutes from downtown at most) and people there will be glad to invite you in for a 'tour'. The farm rolls I encountered are fun but not really worth hoarding in my opinion. Nice to smoke while walking around and save a more serious smoke for sitting in the evening, or after a meal. We paid $1 per farm roll, more or less. There is an LCDH store on the main street in Vinales, an unassuming storefront--and inventory was sparse, but I did poke around and found a 50 cab of PL Petit Coronas for $203. That was fun, still have about half of it.

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