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  1. Since November 15 how has customs been with allowing cigars into USA? I understand the policy says no tabacco or rum from Cuba . Thanks
  2. José L. Piedra Petit Caballeros — 4 3/4 inches (120mm) x 48. This cigar is the perfect size in my eyes and smokes great. I get well over an hour out of a stick. In Cuba they are one of the lowest priced cigars.
  3. Has the Cuban government ever lowered cigar prices or only raise them? Thanks
  4. i also live in nevada, i have three wine coolers and keep them at 65 degrees with 62 rh. in the summer i have to mist my cigar prior to smoking to keep it from cracking.
  5. i have a question? i was a a LCDH last week not in Cuba, i picked up two custom rolled cigars rolled in that store. when i got home i smoked one and it was just like one rolled by la china in Havana maybe better. i e mailed the LCDH where it was bought and told him how much i enjoyed the custom rolled i got. i also said if i didnt know any better i would say that was cuban tabacco . He wrote me back and said it is cuban tabacco , its all we use at our shop for customs. Is this possible ? i did not think cuba lets tabacco leaves out of the country to be rolled into customs.
  6. What LCDH has the best prices next to buying in Cuba? The LCDH in Tijuana Mexico is about 2 1\2 times what you would pay in Cuba.
  7. I dont think either, i think they dont export them much if at all. Machine made not hand made less demand.
  8. I am looking for some Belinda cigars, but no one has them in stock. I have a few left from my last trip to Cuba. I love them , I pick up some nice sweet tabacco and roasted nuts in every stick. If you have a chance to get some , buy a box.
  9. I live in the desert, humidity in summer at 1 to 8 % no need to dry box, actually when I am ready to smoke a stick i spray it down with water then fire it up, smokes great . This is what works for me.
  10. I made my appointment today to get the vaccine on Monday in Las Vegas. Not sure if it's the moderna or the Pfizer but either one will work just fine.
  11. Now what the USA and Canada requiring a covid test before flying back, it will be tough the travel to Cuba.
  12. Peso cigars are a lot better then most non Cuban cigars I have had. That's why I always bring back about 3 bags(75) of them for next to nothing$.
  13. I disagree, they are better. Just my taste I guess.

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