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I’m half way thru this box and I remember I’ve really enjoyed these but I can’t remember why...I wasn’t expecting a lot from this cigar because it’s the lightest one in the box, but when I rechecked the weight it was 14gr, not under filled by HSA standards. That did make me realize what a well filled box of cigars I have. Nice smooth wrapper but a little to pale, I like a deeper shade on Punch than this. The cigar still feels light to me and the draw has no resistance, I’ll smoke this extra slowly.

 I lit the cigar and got a mouthful of cream, a couple of puffs later cashews, then a sugary sweetness...I’m happy! A few more puffs and toasted tobacco with some exotic spice really has me smiling. Halfway thru the 1/3 all the flavors combine into cigar heaven...I wish I was having a cappuccino outside at a cafe in Italy right now. I can’t get over how incredibly sweet this cigar is, then I remember this is the box I swear the roller sprinkled sugar into the cigars. The body is a little under medium and smoking beautifully. 2/3 the body comes up to medium, the smoke is so velvety I’m just drawing it into my mouth and letting it slowly seep out. I wish this cigar was 3 ft long. An absolute 1 1/2hrs of smoking nirvana. My next trip to Italy I will be taking quite a few of these for a mid morning smoke at a cafe!



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