H. Upmann Connoisseur No.1 BRE March 18 (failed review) (PRRRW)

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I spent a good 15 min debating which cigar to enjoy for the review.  I settled on an Upmann no 1, clipped it and stepped outside.  I neglected to take a cold draw and toasted the foot. My little cigar party ground to a halt  when I struggled to draw anything through the cigar.  The cigar felt like it had a marble stuck in the middle of it. I tried to massage the knot out but it was an effort made in vein.  I felt along the cigar and after the hard knot in the middle it felt unbelievably under-filled.  Near the foot the cigar had about as much resistance to my pressure as a drinking straw. I was dumbfounded but how horridly this cigar was rolled. Out of sheer stubbornness (or cheapness) I battled on for another 15 min trying to work out the knots.  The cigar took of from the line carving out a canoe, followed by tunneling.  I eventually gave up and went inside to grab another cigar. I grabbed a San Cristobal El Prinicipe that I was going to review for last weeks completion.  The flavor of the SC EP was great at characteristic of San Cristobal, but this thing was a wind tunnel.  I could feel myself being overcome with a level of anger and frustration.  I came to take the experience as a reminder of how fortunate I am that this trivial problem was my minds focus.  We all go through ups and downs, but as long as a plugged cigar is my worst problem of the night I will consider myself lucky. 

Ironically, this is one of my first cigars that was just totally un-smokable.  I am not even sure if this counts as a review considering I didnt get through the first third?   


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Frustrating indeed. Had the same type of weekend with RyJ Petit Churchill and RASS. Moved to a PLPC that was awesome until the halfway point then I hit that same damn marble!

Small in perspective, but you're not alone!

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