Monte #4 - MUL OCT 14 (MPCRW)

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Wrapper on this is a lovely light brown, with some dark mottled spots.  Hardly smells of anything.  Cold draw was firm, almost needing perfecdraw.  Tasted like a dry crusty brownie.  Now that I think about it, it looked like one too.

First puffs were all dark choc.  And it just kept getting richer.  This is easily one of the chocolat-i-est cigars I’ve ever had.  It was dark, but creamy.  Incredibly smooth retrohale, and I do not retro much.

Around 2/3, I get definite salt, and it makes me think of sea salt chocolate treats.  Occasional milk choc, but not very sweet.  Occasional dry wood.  Mostly just gooey dark choc.

Into the last third, it randomly starts to get bitter, I ash and realize it’s tunneling.  A couple touch ups keep it in line, but the flavors go wiley.  Espresso, char, and for the first time I taste tobacco.

Overall, this was a 93, even with the wonky finale.  I suspect they’re about as good as they’re gonna get, at this age, and I am just fine with that.  Great smoke.





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