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I recently made a separate tupperdore for my CC’s and noticed that while the inside looked good, the outside looked, well, like a plastic box. I’d like to dress it up some by getting some various cuban marca stickers. Did a quick search on the interwebs with no real luck. Do the marcas make stickers or is this a luxury of the NC brands? Thanks for the help!

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Why not glue a bunch of cigar bands on a piece of paper, and then wrap the tupperdore? Or maybe place the bands on some Contact book wrap, then attach that to the tupperdore?

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That’s an idea. But I was looking for something larger than cigar bands. Plus, I’m curious what the various companies’ designs would look like. 

If it comes down to it I’ll just use the bands though. 

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39 minutes ago, Colt45 said:

Not sure if you mean dress box artwork or "promotional" type items. Just as a thought, you could photograph any dress boxes you might have, and then print them out on label paper.

Yeah, promotional kind of stuff. I always see NC swag floating around but when it comes to Cubans it just seems to be ashtrays people bought on the island. 

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