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  1. How exactly is this supposed to dissuade tobacco sales? People know tobacco can be bad for you, it’s not a mystery anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to have plain black and white labels on liquor next.
  2. I use a bunch of large 65RH bovedas in both my tupperdors.
  3. I’m betting these will be gone in milliseconds
  4. Put RASS on the wish list and guess what’s going to show up. Good thing they’re regular production cuz the budget is closed for may.
  5. PSD4 HdM Epi 2 Connie 1 Quintero favoritos Punch Lunch or Mag 46, it’s a tie
  6. I can just hear the Op shop lady saying to the guy in the back, “Stop being a bitch and grab the damn tail!”
  7. I hope they show back up soon before I forget that I’m looking for them.
  8. That figures. I just decided to make an Edmundo collection and figured I just missed the most recent release. I saw on CCW they came in those counts but I’ve only come across the travel humidor.
  9. Are these only released in the special travel humidor? Trying to build an Edmundo family. I’ve only found the DE in the travel humidor and I’d rather buy a 25ct box.
  10. PSE2 from March 2019. It was excellent into the fact that it gave me a glimpse of how awesome they are going to be in a couple more years.
  11. Was the Habanos added or does it come like that? Also, where’d you get that? I might have to have one now.
  12. I’ve been smoking both NC and CC for about 4-5 years now. One of the things I’ve noticed concerning the application of the bands is that the NC ones come off so much easier. NC come off with minimal effort and don’t really need to be heated much. But the CC ones? Man, some must be made of 1000 layer paper and I can only grab one layer at a time. I’ve tried letting the burn get close to help loosen the glue but even that doesn’t help all the time. Most recently happened on a Dip No 2 and when I tried to lightly pinch the end of layers 2-1000 I ended up cracking the wrapper. Luckily once I got it off it still smoked fine. So far all the veterans out there, are there any good tips you can send my way?
  13. Really hope these don’t come on 24:24 anytime soon. My wallet is on fire 🔥
  14. I don’t have a wooden humidor but if I did I probably would just throw in whatever RH boveda I intended to use in there and let it sit for a month or so. Wiping down the insides with any damp cloth just seems like too much hassle and you can’t evenly cost everything.

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