Boli Corona Jr ETP May 16 (BWRC)

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Welp, this was the third cigar of the day and I was already three sheets to the wind by the time I started it.  Golf, pool day, taco all-round solid day.  My palate may have been a bit off but I've had several of the last few weeks and this was consistent with the rest. 

The cigar was the same experience the whole way through.  There was some deep earthy flavors, as well as a bit of cocoa.  Despite having three years on them, there's still a bit harsh.  That mongrel or what have you.  I've found that with many of these small cigars everyone loves (parti shorts, El Principe, etc).  I don't know why.  Maybe more time will benefit them.

I still liked most of the flavors that were there, they were just overshadowed by what I usually refer to as youth.  I hope they mellow out a bit.  I'll probably sit on the rest of these for a while.  No use being let down over and over again.  I can tell they have something good there if I can get over the harshness.  I'd rate these 88.





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