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Ok so I will be flying into Copenhagen in late June and staying at the Scandic. Are there any shops near there I should stock up on near there or should I buy at duty free? I will be flying through Zurich on my way, is it a better option there? Thanks for any help. I'm trying to not take any with me if possible 

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Cigar Shop Macanudo Copenhagen is your best bet. They have a wonderful lounge in the celler of the shop. Good selection of cubans as well as a log of NC’s.


Musen og Elefanten, haven’t been there for years but I believe they have a selection of cubans as well. Walk in humidor on the 1st floor. It’s a bar more than it’s a shop. But the guy in charge, Jesper, also imports different brands of cigars. Check their grou on facebook called Splendid Cigars Forum.


The prices a quite a bit higher than in Germany. For reference a PSD4 is 17.4 USD. The 2 shop alternativt hosting a cigar bar on fridays if you are interested in meeting some of the local aficionados. At the moment I don’t remember which place hosts even and which plages hosts uneven weeks but I can find out for you.

Let me know of you need more info.

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1 hour ago, FireMedic said:

So it sounds basically that duty free might be my best option 

Yes, but usually they only sell by the box. So if want a little variety and buy singles then duty free is not the way to go. You can get an idea of love cal prices on the Macanudo store site here:

It’s in danish but should be intuitive with the brand names and numbers indicating price. 1 USD equals approximately 6.5 DKK.

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SonGoku gave all the info there is, but I’ll emphasize: the prices in Denmark is not for buying cigars. The odd single for smoking yes, but boxes no. And you’ll find nothing old or special except for maybe some books etc. usually there to accommodate Chinese cruise ship customers in the summer.

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