Greetings from Central New York!

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Hey all,


Just joined up, I'm new to habanos - I've been enjoying dominicans and nicaraguans enough to develop a palette and am looking forward to learning more about habanos! I also enjoy a good cognac or smoky scotch at times and I'm a ninja in front of a frying pan or grill, which goes without saying isn't the same without a stogie.

Some other things I enjoy are martial arts, playing the drums, hunting and spending my time outdoors, some occasional gaming (I can almost beat my nephews at Fortnite) and business seminars where I can meet other driven people. Most of all, I love great food.

Some of my goals here are to learn more about habanos and generally to just scan and have some great conversation between projects. I spend most of my life behind a computer screen, so the occasional tangent to break things up is greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to some great conversation, celebrating life's milestones with a great cigar, and getting some great recommendations on smokes. I'm looking forward to trying my first habano to celebrate closing on our first home in the coming months!

I just ordered a "new to habanos" kit. My wife might have to peel me away from the front steps, I might not leave til the box comes.

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Thanks guys, hoping I get a cohiba and hoyo epicure in the sampler - I read a lot of great reactions to those. I like creamy/almond/spice notes in particular. Any recommendations for my first tries?

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