Sancho Panza Belicoso BRS July 2012 (SSTRW)

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I'm glad we got around to SP review weekend...this box I have from 2012 is one of the best I've got.  I've loved all of them so far and I still have half the box.  We had some friends over, so it was harder for me to focus on what flavors I tasted.

The stick started out just like all of the other ones I've had.  A smooth, perfect draw.  Belicoso may be my favorite - good size, doesn't break any jaws, and most tend to have copious amounts of smoke.  

Once it warmed up I started to get hints of the flavors I've loved - the sorta salty flavors.  There's also a gasoline-ish flavor I get from these but in a good way.  I search for it.  This cigar isn't as flavorful as the others I've had.

As time goes on, I overheat the cigar searching for the flavors.  This is a good cigar, but the worst out of this box so far.  It could be that the chatting caused me to not pay attention and puff too frequently.  Cigars are great with friends, but it's one thing that I think you can enjoy more alone; well, at least the flavors but maybe not the entire experience.  Also, I've had several stiff drinks that may be throwing off my palate.

I enjoyed the cigar, just not as much as I thought I would.  I'd rate this one a 91.




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