San Cristobal La Punta 2018 (SSTRW)

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My wife and i decided to go for a leisurely afternoon stroll so after digging through the humidor i finally settled on this beauty! This was my first experience with this particular cigar and honestly having only smoked the el principe i was a little let down. It is possible that the high humidity here in South Carolina, 95% currently, caused my burn issues. On with the review!

Pre-Light Draw: The draw is perfect for me, it's not too tight nor is it too loose. Flavors mostly of sweet hay and what seems like golden raisins.

First Third: First puffs remind me of toasted tobacco and white pepper, wonder why?? After the initial puffs it settles in to what I would describe as a plain cookie with icing. I was hoping to get what everyone describes as pancake but it was nowhere to be found. Or perhaps their pancake is my cookie?

Second Third: Not much change in flavor, however strength has definitely increased. I am battling serious burn issues that require touchup every 10 minutes or so. Every so often i'll get flavors of toasted tobacco and for a brief moment i tasted hazelnut.

Final Third: This cigar is really showing its youth now. My "iced cookie" has now become burnt and tannic. Surprisingly I don't taste any ammonia just strength and bitterness. I tossed it before i made it to the band.

Thoughts: I took delivery of this cigar in July of 2018, I purchased a quarter box from 24:24, so i feel like it was probably first quarter production date but can't remember. It was an enjoyable cigar for the first and second third but still needs a bit of time i believe. Perhaps my "iced cookie" will evolve into a beautiful stack of pancakes perhaps not we will see. I'll probably smoke the remaining sticks at six month intervals and keep notes for future reference.

Score: 88


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