San cristobal el principe 2016 (SSTRW)

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20190503_134658.thumb.jpg.87b81092b3418c53ab46768f419c97c4.jpgFinished up w golf yesterday and saw traffic was going to be nasty so I fired up this el principe out of a 2016 box I got trading a 6er of bolivar Corona junior with a friend. Perfect little 45 minute smoke, and tossed the nub in my coffee cup just as I pulled into the grocery store to pick up some oysters. Wow, my life sure is difficult. Anyway. On to the cigar. 

Many rave about this small cigar but personally it never held a candle to the other minutos on the market, my favorite being bolivar Corona jr by a county mile. Cigar started off mild with a tobacco profile. I never got much else out of the little guy other than mild tobacco. Possibly some earth tones in the second and third portion, but nothing strong enough to change the overall profile. Construction was sound and burn was exceptional. Couldn't take any photos because I was on the road. This one was snapped outside my office winerdore before I hit the road. 


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