San Cristóbal de la Habana Oficios LCDH EMA Mar 08 (SSTRW)

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1 hour ago, nKostyan said:

Aroma at cold: caramel
1/3: from the first puffs aroma is traditional for San Cristobal taste. The taste is: Woody herbaceous, dark oatmeal cookies, cappuccino, dark cane sugar. There is a noticeable imbalance in the direction of flavor, with a relatively weak taste. In memory appeared Trinidad Reyes that is very similar in style, but never fails in terms of balance of taste and aroma. Strength is low. The smoke is light and not much. I hope in the future Oficios will add flavor.
2/3: Taste is still not enough. Peerless confectionary fragrance evokes the anticipation of the sweet taste of caramel, but that's cheating. Where is the sweetness of San Cristobal? The taste degraded to a sour woody mineral. Finally closer at the equator the cigar allows you to make deep puffs to satiate your thirst for taste. But it's still the same oak tree and minerals. Strength is also low, although the body has increased, now the taste is enough, but this is not the taste I was waiting for. Unlike 1/3 ash is not easy to break. Finally the cigar opens and gives a good thick smoke. There were fried sunflower seeds, the main taste - charcoal. The tip of my tongue tingles. Strength is medium.
3/3: let the cigar and did not give confectionery flavors, but here it has a good balance of smoke/strength/taste/aroma.
Conclusion: this cigar did not meet my expectations. She teased me for a long time with a great aroma, but did not give the expected taste. Maybe her time has passed and it was better in my youth, I don't know - it's the only single that I got from my buddy. I'm sorry, but I can't give it more than 3/5 stars.

Good review, sorry to hear it was a letdown 

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