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2 minutes ago, El Presidente said:

yes, saw that and was really pleased all round. 

reminded me of jimmy connors. i used to intensely dislike him as a player - really the prototype of the tennis brats with the way he carried on - then mcenroe and now we have the unimaginably worse tossers like kyrios. 

then one day connors won a point when the linesman obviously got it wrong. think he was playing newc. next point, he deliberately hit into the net to even things up. won me over (although i still liked seeing him get beat). 

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  I watched at as a half hearted Sheffield United fan and I have to say I was taken a back, genuinely happy it happened but I was honestly shocked, to do that knowing that it will pretty much kill you chance of promotion to the Premiership was incredible in this day and age.

  I can't think of any similar situation where a team/sportsman would knowingly give up what, a £100m prize fund that you get from promotion/TV deals now? I'd like to have seen the expression of the board's faces when the manager said what was going to happen though

  Still very happy it happened, and not just because Leeds won't be going up :perfect10:

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Seen the highlights. The referee had a good look at the incident and if it’s life threatening, he would have blown the whistle to halt play. He didn’t and the Villa players stopped playing and demand ball be kicked out. That’s unprofessional. Com’on play to the whistle. Nice gesture from Leeds though. 

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