Romeo y Julieta Churchill 2014 RyJRW

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This gorgeous Churchill was gifted to me by a friend last year. I had smoked another one from the same box last year and it was just plugged with tobacco. 

Upon cutting, the draw was pretty awful so I attacked it with a perfect draw, and after some extensive work it opened up enough. 


White pepper, light milky cream, rose water. light body. Cherry and rose water make more of an appearance and the body is slowly creeping up. Still very mellow and not a flavor bomb yet. A little milk chocolate creeps in on the finish


Still light body due to the tight draw. Not much cherry, but a lot of what el pres calls rose water and light milk chocolate. While far from a flavor bomb it’s still a very enjoyable cigar with a unique flavor profile.


Not much changed from the second third. Light, enjoyable flavors, yet just not strong enough to make a great cigar. However, the burn was perfect throughout the entire cigar without needing a touch up!

There was 1 of 2 things going on here: either the cigar just wasnt that good, or the very slight cold I've had the past 9 days has really began to screw with my pallete. Due to the tight draw and other cigars I've smoked the past few days...I tend to think its a little bit of both. 




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