FOH Fishing International this weeked......Pumped!!!

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It's on this weekend....the FOH Fishing International 219  :spotlight:

Click on the pinned thread or the link.  

Whether you are casting into a pond, river, beach, lake or bathtub......register up as there will be a category for you!

Some great prizes but more importantly a great day to get out and have a cigar on the water. 

We will have a dedicated thread for the weekend where you can progressively post your photos......with fish or without :D

Register up on the pinned thread!

I am fishing with my sons this weekend....we thought we would make a weekend out of it. I am looking forward to it immensely  :ok:










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We're pumped too!

Still waiting to hear from Toby and team as to where we find our boat and whether they booked our boat Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday as we initially requested. Conflicting date have been provided.

Fallback is to throw lines from the Malecon. Have some fishermen friends down there.


No worries, tranquillo!

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1 minute ago, Habana Mike said:

No worries, tranquillo!

Having a cigar and a bottle of Rum off the Malecon while fishing are some of my favourite moments :spotlight:

I use to do it with Carlos from the Nacional Heritage bar.   As a fisherman....he makes a great bartender :D

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I'm so Excited!!

It looks like details won't be confirmed until we get to Havana (If then) but hopefully we have a boat leaving from Tarrara for two days of fishing this weekend. As Mike says, the Malecon is a back up and worst case we go out with the guys from Santy's at around 4am. ?

Good luck to everybody!

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