RyJ Churchill OBM May-17. (RyJRW)

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The wrappers on this box are gorgeous.  They're still young and I've been smoking through this box way too fast.  If I could ensure myself I'd get a similar box, I'd buy 100 of 'em.

Smells great cold, but the draw is firm.  Hints of cocoa on the dry draw.

Very well balanced.  Lovely flavors.  It is a firm draw which prevents me from getting enough smoke.  It's just a little firm-some of you probably prefer it this way but it prevents me from fully enjoying.  I like to take long, slow draws and that's difficult with this one.  I'm thinking about using perfecdraw but will probably just truck through it.

But it's an enjoyable cigar.  Mild to medium-bodied.  I'm not getting a ton of cherry but some toasted tobacco.  Just real smooth and gentle.

The draw is getting noticeably better as I get halfway through.  It's a bit hot but not bad.  Flavors are sticking with it.  I can't explain them like some of you, but I'll say the good flavors are there.

My rating: 92





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