RyJ A/T 3 TES FEB 2017 (RyJRW)

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I have 11 left from the box. Let me say so far 9 that I have smoked have been plugged.

This box was purchased at LCDH in St. Kitts.

This cigar amazingly enough was not fully plugged. Tough pull but not plugged.

Pre-light: Cedar, tobacco, Easter chocolate, bagel, vitamins, cinnamon Teddy Graham's.

1st third: light flavor, light retro hale. Burn is uneven requiring touch ups. Went out once, hard pull is creating an issue pulling much smoke, and causing the uneven burn.

2nd third: Used my handy dandy perfect draw tool. Plug was exactly where all the others were.... About dead center on the cigar. Now she is up and running. Flavor has now reached a center medium,retro hale now a solid sting feeling.

Now that the plug is cleared, the burn issues have been resolved as well.

Third third: spicy, dry, with a hint of sadness.

 It pains me that this  box was a hassle. I would like to try more RyJ's, but I'm a little hesitant to spend the money. I'm sure all of their cigars aren't like this, but it's like a drunken bad date. Sure she won't be as bad tomorrow, but do I want to risk another night with her, after all she tried to fight the bouncer, drunk dialed my ex's while I was in the bathroom using my phone and peed my bed......I mean..... You know...... Cost efficiency, cigars, Cuba, apple Jack's.

Any who, the flavor was good I'll give it, but man, a whole box plugged? Good thing I own a deplug tool or it would have been a lot worse.

Im almost hoping to win just for a box of hand selected just to try a RyJ that will be better to resurrect my thoughts on them. If it weren't for the plugs though, I'd give these a solid 7.5/10. Which is good in my opinion for the price, but I'd much rather go for partagas shorts.


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