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Not a great deal of love for these sticks really…but I think they are so underrated . They usually have this wonderful salty nature to them..this is an 08’ box which I have recently opened and so far they have been very very nice, lets see if this one is of the same calibre !DSC00889.thumb.JPG.2bf64dd3e20ec8c55e9813ca0ca8c0fc.JPGDSC00886.thumb.JPG.abb9f9a2b77456c63e6f2dfe6a0408ee.JPGDSC00885.thumb.JPG.7afe9de655dfb530ae489b159616a6cd.JPGDSC00888.thumb.JPG.d7848608bb906294e57f65cd9b8c4ec9.JPG

DRY DRAW - very open ..a bit to open for my liking I prefer a slight just means I have to slow up so that I don’t over heat things. 


CONSTRUCTION- very good..this is a firm stick with no soft spots .there is also a slight box press too.DSC00890.thumb.JPG.5e26392b66cc3043a806873af748f8d2.JPG


FIRST THIRD - nice opening of toasted tobacco and leathery elements. Very slight white pepper through the nose.

No sweetness or saltiness to talk off yet.

As I approach the second third the oaty flavour  has a arrived  or a biscuit flavour maybe..but its very nice.DSC00897.thumb.JPG.faa69bfd510398dabd3e17b32d70b851.JPG


SECOND THIRD - well its settled down nicely ..the salt from the wrapper is wonderful mixing now with a slight caramel flavour fabulous combo!..this so far is a medium bodied cigar.

As I come to the end of this third the caramel has disappeared and the leather is back along with some cedar flavours.DSC00898.thumb.JPG.d3919f25965ca573b957dc9d7e8aeb52.JPG

FINAL THIRD- the woodiness  is the most dominant flavour now along with toasted tobacco .but if you don’t go through the nose you miss out on so much..through the nose the biscuit flavour is hidden.DSC00900.thumb.JPG.3ba3d2d87efd8a1d06b1391e84200f64.JPG

CONCLUSION - Hmm..TBH ..not great..infact rather disappointing it was getting to dark for me at the death..nicotine was coming out which wasn’t good for me ..the worst one from this box so far - 89 points







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8 hours ago, 99call said:

I have a box of these GAS 08's love them.   Cheers for the review, of what is an ever intriguing smoke

it is...but just not this stick sadly for me

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