Partagas Festival 2019

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Looks like the dates will be 18-22 November this year.

Who’s coming?

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A good guess would be

Monday, accreditations.

Tuesday, Cena Bienvenidos

Wednesday/Thursday, beach/country day

Friday, Cena Gala

the white space is what it's about though....

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4 hours ago, upnflames said:

Have they released 2019 pricing as of yet?

2016 prices:

Welcome Dinner - Meliá Cohiba (100 CUC)

Playa Day (Club Habana?) (75 CUC)

Hector Luis finca (75 CUC)

Gala Dinner (170 CUC)


2017 prices:

Welcome Dinner - 150 CUC

Playa Day - 80 CUC

Hector Luis finca/Countryside 300 CUC

Gala Dinner - 250 CUC



I couldn't find 2018 prices but I think they are the easiest ones with a little search.

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11 hours ago, Drguano said:

Monday - (not necessarily in this order and repeats with variations) Coffee, cigar, meet what’s-his-name, rum, food, sleep (optional) repeat

Tuesday - See Monday’s schedule

Wednesday - Go somewhere, coffee, cigar, meet what’s-his-name-and -friends, rum, food, sleep (optional) repeat

Thursday - Make bail, coffee, cigar, make bail for what’s-his-name, rum, food, sleep (optional) repeat

Friday - Free time (blackout)

Saturday - Coffee, cigar, meet what’s-his-name who asks you what you bought to take home for the family, make frantic rounds of all the cigar shops, rum, food, more of everything

Sunday - 6 am - finish last round at mystery club, return to casa, shower, start to open suitcase to pack and realize you’ve been wearing same clothes all week, zip up suitcase, taxi to airport for 11:00 am flight*

*Optional airport activities which could offer you the opportunity to repeat the weeks activities or become a guest of the Cuban government:

A. Go to checkin and realize you have a strange woman’s passport instead of your own

B. Your carry-on gets flagged in the X-ray because of 23 torch lighters and a nail clipper

C. You fumble a bottle of rum trying to remember which is better, Havana Club 7 Anos or Especial and drop both bottles, spraying all nearby with fragrant rum

It was actually Saturday morning about 5AM last go round when we had to head back, pack and get to the airport early! In addition I had to drop by the Emergencia to settle up on the way....also lost a couple dozen lighters! Had my own passport and no time for duty-free so luckily no issues there.

You went for another round Saturday night? Wow!

Let's do it again soon! Kelly can't wait to see Agnes in Maiori.

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