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I  have to say these are without doubt one of THE most underrated cigars on the market for me, with a couple of years age on them ..they are superb ..and the best bit…they are CHEAP !! 

supposedly discontinued in 2012  but still about! 

Its a Lonsdale size which is perfect for me.DSC00869.thumb.JPG.a83d7a0a03804dd702ca4c49d749a4d4.JPGDSC00865.thumb.JPG.19d556d840bbba695e3d373b331052d1.JPGDSC00870.thumb.JPG.2da80b17cb1cb798b0489e2acd94c0be.JPGDSC00867.thumb.JPG.0bb5cc2e30457d889e7af7909034eb56.JPG


COLD DRAW - slight woody/cedar taste with some floral bread/toast notes…slight tug I have punched this stick..but its a good draw. the cigar has oily complexion or a mottled look to it with a well packed foot.DSC00866.thumb.JPG.b04c592a84906ebc5ac2369c69660c19.JPG DSC00868.thumb.JPG.3082b70870f52d129bc29638e8d2fd27.JPG


FIRST THIRD - nice opening of a honey sweetness and wait for surprise toasted tobacco moving onto a wonderful biscuit character which I adore in cigars.DSC00879.thumb.JPG.65e56bf0fc80871094f6b1f976fb4a78.JPG


SECOND THIRD - the biscuit element is still here along with the sweetness there is now an arrival of a mild white pepper and slight saltiness from the wrapper which combined with the honey is a fabulous flavour .there is also a slight citrus taste on the tip of my tongue whether it lasts we shall see.DSC00881.thumb.JPG.daca56c0a59765d51f0de3a42583aa1a.JPG


FINAL THIRD - honey has now turned t burnt caramel there is as expected a bitterness arriving but it wrks well with sweetness to make it into a espresso flavour…the biscuit element has all but gone as we arrive at its end where its now just bitter where everything has condensed at one end.DSC00882.thumb.JPG.44ceaf553acdc87ee4e09ba7c71d790c.JPG


CONCLUSION - I am never let down by these they are not strong or complex ..but medium bodied at best. the flavours are great. and two to three years on these is about right I find - 94 points 

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