The Land Before Avocado

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  Great story, even though the ending worked out ok it struck me as terribly sad. It's strange to see how far we've come in so many aspects of life, but the type of people who gravitate to power, no matter how small, seem to be exactly the same.

  What part of themselves were they missing back then, to behave like that, that is still unfulfilled now in modern life? The little Hitler's of our world certainly arn't a dying breed.

  I try to keep myself away from those types, too much living to do without having to deal with that much negativity, but it still shocks you when you do come into contact with them. Bizarre really when you take a step back for a second and try to figure out their mindset.

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That last pic looks familiar. When I was a kid in the 70's my father would burn off all the fallen leaves in a 44 gallon drum and we listened to the footy on the radio while I kicked a footy around the backyard commentating to myself. The smell of leaves burning still brings back those memories - when you didn't need much technology to be entertained. 

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