Murphy's Law- part II

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I had an old basketball goal that was past due for being pulled down and hauled to the dump.  It pulled down easily- wrapped a tow strap to my Tundra and it pulled right down, and only a minimal amount of damage was done to the lawn.  Then I noticed the frayed ends of a cable...


Apparently, when they poured the footing for the basketball post they did it right next to the phone line (which carries our DSL and a couple of business and elevator lines).

And when the pole came down it ripped it in half.  We went a week without internet (except for LTE).  As if that wasn't enough, Uncle Murphy decided to overextend his stay.  When the AT&T serviceman arrived, he was able to splice the cables and service came right back on.  However, he tells me that it'd do it no good to bury the cable because water and dirt will corrode the splices.  He says the only fix is to dig it all up, about 65 yards worth and lay in new cable.  

Well, my gut tells me there's got to be another way.  There's a product on the market that allows you to crimp in individual wires without even stripping them- you just stick 'em in a connector, crimp it, and you're done.  Then you stick the splice end (it's bent) into a housing that's packed with dielectric grease that screws down tight, and voila! You can buy it.  

What I considered doing was matching up each exposed wired pair, soldering them, sealing them with marine grade shrink tubing, then enclose the entire splice with a large piece of heat shrink tubing.  

Anyone have any thoughts on which way I should go with this? I want to get this buried to protect my sod.

Next project:  how to safely lift a 300+ pound ball of concrete and metal post into the back of my truck without getting hurt and hopefully avoiding damage to my truck...


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