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Hey FOH,

I need some help from the community. I have seen many posts where members make their own humidor or convert another piece of furniture into a working humidor. I have been in search of a cabinet humidor but have also been considering making my own by re-purposing another piece of furniture. I have the option to pick up a cabinet similar to the one below. There are differences; the piece I am looking at has sliding doors and it does not have any power. 

Question: Is this a good piece that could be converted into a humidor? What are some things that I should consider? Has anyone else ever made a humidor out of a similar piece of furniture?


Image result for glass curio


Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. 



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I would not bother with this type of furniture. Getting a good seal will not be easy, even if you could i suspect it would be difficult to maintain a stable environment with all that glass. A wooden armoire and/or an old fridge/freezer would be better

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Bought this piece second hand and ripped out the wooden shelf in the middle. I bought 1/16” cedar planks about 8” wide and lined the whole thing with it. I built the three cedar shelves with 1/4” cedar and bought some cedar trays on amazon. I drilled a hole in the bottom and ran the wires through the base and sealed any cracks. Using a cigar oasis humidication device and two CPU fans that run on a timer. I also have three hygrometers one at top, middle, and bottom all reading about the same. Most of the time I’m about 68-70  degrees F and 62.5-64% RH. Absolutely love the smell and look. That picture was about 4 months ago. I need to build a bigger one now beacause I’m at about 22 boxes now. Long story short skip the glass and buy something used on Craigslist and make it your own. 


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