those who fish hervey bay, fraser island, Qld coast

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one of my favourite moments on fraser island was some years ago when a bunch of commercial netters fronted up on a beach and decided to net anything and everything. one of the recreational fishermen who'd been there for several hours decided he finally had a gutful from these environmental vandals and marched down the beach with a knife and sliced open the nets. he was followed by a large number of supporters so the netters turned tail and ran.

as anyone who has been in the area when these guys come through, that area will be stripped of pretty much all life for a couple of weeks. i can remember a few years back seeing them pulling in the nets near where we stay. a heap of mullet, plus some bream, flathead and other species but they did not get many tailor - the targeted species. so they didn't even bother pick up what came in - not worth their while. left the lot on the beach to rot. 

i know some will say 'but this is their living'. well, they get about 40c a kilo for the tailor which goes to catfood. and it is driving away a great many families and other recreational fishermen who come to the region every year (or did) buying food, bait, gear, accommodation, permits, beer, wine and spirits, petrol, hire of cars and gear, and so much more. this brings in so much more to the local economy but the netters scream about how banning them will remove their livelihood. they never mention all of the other locals losing theirs because of them. they also scream about how with the price so low they are nearly broke. time for a new occupation. 

anyway, if anyone is interested, here is a petition to stop them. can't happen too soon.


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