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Yes. Undertaker. Only in Ireland does a pub cater for the full spectrum of possible outcomes from a night on the tear. McCarthy's of Fethard. Spent a few sessions here back in 2014, while also visiting Coolmore Stud. Classic pub, loved it.  

My surname's McCarthy, so we spent a good bit of time seeking out pubs of my namesake. And, a la Pete McCarthy's book, one must never pass by a pub with one's name on it without going in for a drink. 

Saw this post on Facebook recently, combining two of my favourite things in the world; sadly, one has passed and the other is something of a dying breed: Pete McCarthy, and a grand old Irish pub. 

If you get the chance, check in on both. You won't be sorry! (The book, one of the funniest things I've ever read!)


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Huh, there's no way I'll find a pub with my last name in the name because I have a Danish one. I won't even tell you what it sounds like because it makes no sense. But I'm glad you follow the advice in Pete McCarthy's book. It's exciting enough if your friends accompany you on such adventures. Where were the coolest drinks, in your opinion? I'd listen to a few stories about that. Share on your Facebook if you like. The coolest kitchen and bar for me are in . I visited it for the first time last year. My partner took me there to appreciate his taste in drinks. And you know, he turned out to be an expert!

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