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Hi all, 


I would love to have your advice on this one. Next Friday we have our quarterly meeting with the cigar club, nothing fancy, about 12 friends that love cc's. This time, the organiser decided to have a blinde taste on 2 Cuban cigars. As I am considered as one of the more experienced smokers in the group, I don't want to disappoint. However, my limited knowledge is nothing compared to most of you, therefore your advice would be highly appreciated. Format as always: 1st cc paired with probably Belgian dark trappist beer, followed by dinner and 2nd cc paired with aged rum.

As we are no professionals, per cigar we receive a list of possible cigars:


H. Upmann mag46

Punch Punch

HdM Epi1

Cohiba Siglo4



Montie Edmundo

Connie A

HdM Epi Especial

SCdlH La Fuerza

Partagas E2

I smoked all of them several times, I am aware of the fact  that a few should have other wrapper colour, sizes are not identical (don't want to cheat by measuring) and I think I am able to taste the difference in flavour palate between for instance Cohiba and Montecristo  

All tips and tricks and/or advice is more than welcome.

thanks, Steve





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Good luck!

Go with your gut. 

SC is spot on. 

Going on our blind tasting results, you will be doing very well to get 1 out of 2. Getting 2 would put you in "genius" territory  :spotlight:


Great work in getting together with mates and doing it. 



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I do blind wine tasting sometimes, and if you have a list of possibles it often helps to eliminate some: “not the JLS because it doesn't have enough body or choc orange character” etc. 

Don’t think I could do this with cigars yet though...

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