How long to lay down R&J Wide Churchhill

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Box date FEB18 I forgot to snap a picture of the box code :( I'll try to add it later today.

I picked these up in Duty Free while a quick stop-over in Schiphol Airport. I let them rest for about 30 days before trying one (now 60 days) and while it was good it just wasn't up to par with others I had tried. Burn issues, flat tasting. I figured that they were too young and needed a longer rest before digging in. How long should I let them rest. I have them @ 62% with my other cigars.

At the Habanos cafe I frequent I see many patrons smoking these and the several I have tried were fantastic which led me to the box purchase. I can wait. The itch to try one is great but I'd rather wait than be disappointed again.

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I really love this cigar too and have smoked many of them, a favorite in the RyJ marca. I usually don’t expect greatness until 2-3 years. Lighter shade wrapper tend to perform well early but you don’t get the same experience as if rosado.

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1 hour ago, El Presidente said:

If it has some Rosado goodness, i find them good to go at 6 -18 months.


These just came in yesterday.  PSP/HQ ordered back in early to mid January.  Thanks!!  Don't recall date, but I believe late '18.  What wrapper would you consider this to be?  Straight colorado? Hint of rosado, I hope ?


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RyJ Wide Churchills have no aging potential. They are to be smoked out of the box. I've been aging every release from every year since 2010, and revisiting each box once a year. They've only been flat and disappointing after a year. If you're looking for better, more refined tobacco in a Montesco size, then buy the Gran Reserva.

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I can give them some more time. The several I had smoked had close to two years on them I will let the rest a bit more.

Next time I get to the Habanos Cafe I'll see if they have the Gran Reserva.

I have mine at the bottom of my humi, so pics will have to wait.

Am I alone or does anyone else's wife give them kooky looks when digging through the humidor like "What on earth...?" :D


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