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  1. Precisely right. And most fall into the latter category, which is exactly my point.
  2. Besides a select few each year, they all taste the same. REs are a generic Habanos blend designed to be floral up front. The different brands are nothing more than an appeal to nostalgia.
  3. Only those who know what's been going on internally at Habanos for the last 25 years.
  4. It’s not that Cohibas and Trinidads are too expensive. It’s more like you’ve been getting them on the cheap for a long, long time and didn’t realize it. Both Cohiba and Trinidad have been undervalued since the beginning. Pricing for Cohiba has been a raging internal hot-button issue within Habanos since Habanos was formed. Because Cuba is exporting so much less these days, the income deficit has to be partially accounted for by the increased prices…again, something that many at Habanos have wanted to do for decades anyway. Now they have no choice and here we are, reminiscing amongst ourselves like bitter fogies in a nursing home… “I remember when Vigias in Havana only cost $10 each…” The Bordeaux/Burgundy analogy is spot on. If you can't afford them, then it's time to reach for a Rhône…or a Partagas.
  5. The Casa in Milan is a disgrace. Stacks and stacks of empty boxes in the humidor, a pittance of singles, and the few full boxes they do have are of odd sizes. This has been the case for at least the last five years, way before the global shortage. And they've been carrying non-Cuban cigars for many years now, namely VegaFinas. Technically, the store no longer qualifies as a LCDH, as it doesn't meet criteria. Hopefully, Michael Jordan was there to revoke their Casa status and turn them into a Habanos Point.
  6. Many fine courses at Gabriel Kreuther, but the standout dish was this sturgeon & sauerkraut tart topped with mousselineand caviar. It was lightly smoked with applewood under a bell jar. Washed it down with a Piper-Heidsieck Rare Millesime 2006.
  7. I dunno. Lots of brands spend tons of cash on ads in CA and never made #1. Ashton, Rocky Patel, JC Newman, Alec Bradley, etc. They've spent sh*t loads upon sh*t loads on double-page advertisements for at least the last decade and never took the top spot once. And plenty of non-advertisers make the top 25 every year. Those facts alone cast doubt that the spots are bought, though it's still a popular conspiracy theory, especially when groups of fanboys don't see their favorites on the list. They tend to take their outrage to the internet. For those who prefer to stay on topic, here's a good link from Vox talking about a publisher that bought huge amounts of their own books to artificially inflate BookScan's numbers. They saw it as an investment. Talk about trying to game the system...
  8. Ever have the cereal Golden Grahams? They taste like that. 2020 Galanes are pure honey. But if your palate is keen, you’ll also pick up on the sauternes, orange flower water, nutmeg, burnt Basque cheesecake, and espelette pepper that builds up only in the last quarter or so. Good stuff.
  9. As you can see, it's a newer model, so balance is right next to the crown. I had the balance cock engraved with one of my initials, which is why it took so long to get delivered.
  10. Lange 1 in rose gold. Took a little while to arrive.
  11. Anyone who remembers what Cuban Davidoffs tasted like ROTT know that ERDM has the closest flavor profile by far. Even more than Trinidad, as some very respected smokers have surmised. The Choix Supreme is the last link to modern-day Cuban Davidoffs and an under-appreciated treasure. Those of you who know, know.
  12. All my Cohiba inventory is cataloged by decade, starting with the 80's. Of the last four decades, 2010-2019 overall has been the least consistent with this current decade starting out spotty. Things were fine up until 2013, but then in 2014 way too much Cohiba production was deferred to other factories. As a result, Cohiba is often indistinguishable from the other brands. That being said, I'm not paying Hong Kong, Shanghai, or Chung King prices for current production. Cohiba has barely been able to justify its prices for years, so I'll sleep fine never buying a Cohiba again. And that whole mentality of "but when you get the good ones, it's great" has really gotten old. No cigar smoker should ever be reduced to that. Especially at these inflated prices.
  13. Funny, it's rated in the current issue of CA. 91 points. I haven't had one in years, but I remember it smokes like a Sancho or Hoyo Particulares after they've had a decade or so of age.
  14. The Cohiba Novedosos got its cute little debutante ball back in 2019, and they still haven’t been released so don’t hold your breath here. Maybe a few retailers from other countries can buy boxes of the 55 in Beirut and resell them at home for even more insane pi$$-in-your-face prices. Not that any of this preening Habanos buffoonery really matters…this is a hard pass for me. The Cohiba Robusto Supremos absolutely sucked, and the Talisman sucked only slightly less...both releases. Sublimes were good young, but aged out way too early and are no longer worth lighting up. These Aniversarios will be just another bloated, over-priced gagger with a shiny Cohiba band. The 1966 was the only good Cohiba EL and continues to age nicely. Put your money and your mouth there. If you see 1966’s on BR, buy them.
  15. If you prefer Cuban tobacco over tobacco from other countries, then that’s fine. Nothing wrong with that. But if you think Cuban cigars are inherently superior just because they’re Cuban, then you’ve become a partisan jerkoff about your smoking. Nica, DR and Hond. all produce distinctly unique tobacco of very high quality. Some may be to your taste, some may not. But any attitude of absolute superiority is for people who are not particularly educated or experienced. And yes, most of the producers in Bordeaux completely sneer at California cabs with great disdain and regard Napa’s high fruit extraction and heavy oaking as the mark of winemaking for an unsophisticated American palate. But remember that Bordeaux producers also tear each other down as well…incessantly. A sad byproduct of being in such a highly competitive market. Re: the OP thinking that he was in the Twilight Zone. There’s something that you’re forgetting: This forum is a hive, as are most niche forums (that still remain). That’s part of the reason why you’re here. Not for dissent, but for the safety of confirmation by like-minded people. It’s good to leave the bubble from time to time. Your home is someone else’s Bizzaro World.

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