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Having lived in New England for 20 years before moving south (no need for snow), I always feel a bit sheepish this time of year.  To be fair, I was a fan in the horrid days, back when Boston sports were a joke except for Larry Bird (and I was a Lakers fan anyway).  This year my new bride and I are going to a party at a friends house.  I'm going to avoid wearing Patriots gear, but will be rooting for Brady's 6th and Belichicik's 8th.  Of course.  For this night there may have been a Red Sox shirt under a fleece (warming up, but still a tad cold north of ATL).

To kick off the weekend we had friends over for dinner and a nice after dinner smoke and drink.  Now before  everyone yells, yes, there was Mexican coke AND Seleccion Maestros consumed at nearly the same time.  I did make one Cuba Libre, but then we just drank the rum neat and chased with coke.  Same thing?  Maybe.  I was a fan of the SM though.  I need to mule back more soon.

I chose a RASS from a sampler that Rob put up back in mid Oct.  My buddy had a Partagas Serie P No 2 (he's a Pyramid fiend).  Construction seemed good on it, and after putting in my usual V cut it drew well and lit well.  I'm not super sensitive on tastes typically, but I did get a bit of raisin on this.  Toast and a bit of sweetness, maybe a little brown sugar?  Faint anyway.  Overall a great smoke, I see why everyone raves about the RASS, I need to pick up a box at some point this year.  Is it bad that I think "From here, because god only knows what the boxes will be like Cuba."  This site is making me a zealot I think lol.






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