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I quit smoking cigarettes after 40 years and switched to cigars last year. A major life enhancement, I thought. A JdN Antano 1970 rather than a couple American Spirits while walking my dog here in Downtown DC could only be considered a step-up the evolutionary ladder.

The problems began when I snagged a box of Partagas MF and HUHC at CDG duty free. Woof! Before I smoked 1/4 of a HUHC, I recognized that I was instantly addicted to Habanos. Damn, those MF were delicious too!

Eight months and 20 or so boxes in the mail from Switzerland, Oz, wherever, and I am deeply engaged in this pursuit, especially loving the small rg options that CCs present and NCs generally do not. A Principe with morning coffee is just what is right. Who needs a Double Gordo Nicaraguan pepper bomb to start the day?

I still smoke an occasional pungent  NC, mostly outdoors or late at night, but my home base is in Vuelta Abajo.

It was only a matter of time before I ended up on this forum. Thanks for all of the education and occasional entertainment I've been soaking up as a lurker for the past months!

Without you guys, maybe I would not be tracking three postal shipments this week! Mag46, 2x Monte #5, RG Perla and SCdH Principe restocks, etc. I'm already out of storage space.

As my mother in law used to say: "We are not many but we know how to find each other."





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I expect no less.

My regret is that I didn't get started on my CC fueled "demise" earlier...all that time, money, and health points wasted on nasty cigarettes.

Well, better late than never...Onward to the February specials!



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