Whynter wineador question

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Just wanted some opinions on my wineador , my wife got me for my birthday. I’ve had it since November, I’m not sure what kind of wood the shelves and drawer are made of. The smell is quite strong and smells different from my desktop humidor. Does anyone think this might affect the flavor of my cigars? I’m thinking of ditching the shelves and drawer to add more space for boxes. Any input would be appreciated, thanks guys!

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I have one, the CHC-251 and aside from the cooling system crapping out before a year was up, it has been fine for keeping cigars (no smell issues). Whynter was very good to troubleshoot and then send a replacement part out to me. 

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Took out one drawer will probably take out the other once i burn through whats left in it.  Haven't had any issues in the 2 years and change I've had it never had it unplugged it holding humidity in my desired range with no issues

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