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Mount Gay Rum distillery catches fire, destroying 150,000 gallons of rum

Janine Puhak – 01/18/2018 – Fox News


Just as Captain Jack Sparrow mourned the all-too-frequent depletion of rum in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise, fans of Mount Gay Rum may soon be mourning a potential deficit of the spirit after the brand’s Barbados distillery caught fire, effectively destroying 150,000 gallons of rum.

On Jan. 16, a portion of Mount Gay Rum’s St. Lucy distillery went up in flames just after 2 p.m., The Drinks Business reports. Thirty-five firemen and five trucks from the Barbados Fire Service responded to battle the blaze, Loop News Barbardos reports.

 “Arriving on the scene we discovered that it was an alcohol tank that was involved in the fire. The tank normally holds around 300,000 gallons of alcohol and we were informed that it was about half-full,” Henderson Patrick, Deputy Chief Officer of the Barbados Fire Service told local media in the wake of the incident.

According to the outlet, officials were forced to break through the tank’s roof to further release the flames.

No one was injured, but two individuals were hospitalized as a precaution for medical attention, Henderson said.

Later that day, reps for Mount Gay Rum confirmed news of the fire at their “distillery home” and echoed their gratitude that no one was injured.

 “Earlier today a fire occurred at our distillery home in St. Lucy, Barbados. We're happy to announce that there were no injuries and the fire was extinguished,” reps for the brand wrote on Facebook.

“All's well and the rum's swell.”

Cellphone footage captured of the blaze has since been viewed on Facebook over 3,000 times.

Likewise, news that the fire was successfully extinguished – and that no one was hurt – came a relief to fans on social media.

“Whew!! Is there a limited edition Smoky Rum now? Glad all is ok,” one Facebook user wrote.

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