Maria Sierra passes away

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I have two boxes of her La Palina Goldie’s stowed away.  Pricey sticks but they are fantastic.  The construction is second to none.  RIP

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4 hours ago, Derboesekoenig said:

Not even 2 years into retirement. So sad

This motivates me to get to retirement/semi-retirement as early as I possibly can. Life is too short...

  *HERE! HERE! If The Good Lord allows me to see March of this year I'll be 62. And I WILL be looking into retirement, myself. I've already got early retirement from my job in Atlanta, and now  I'll be of proper age to seek social security. I know it'll be more if I wait til I'm 65...but I don't know what or where I'll be by then - 

Remember Mel Brooks' song in "The Twelve Chairs": "I knew a man who saved a fortune that was splendid; then he died the day he went to go and spend it - Live while you're alive - No one will survive - There's no guaranteeeeeeee!!"

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