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Back in 1980 I moved from NJ to Colorado. My dad had lots of 78 RPM records (lots = a couple thousand - he loved garage sales and flea markets.) For some reason I thought it'd be a good idea to save them so I took them with me. 38 years and 8 moves later (one to Florida) I've decided I'm going to crack open the boxes I've been hauling around, clean them up and start transferring them to digital. The records seem to be in surprisingly good shape if you can get past the crackles and pops (I think it adds to the nostalgia.) Here' are a couple of digitized samples of records from WWI and released in 1918 (100+ years ago.)





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I have a couple of dozens of them from Germany.I had asked my dad for a couple and when my son went over there to visit his grandparents my dad gave him all.Those records are quite heavy

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11 minutes ago, BrightonCorgi said:

Once you rip them, put them up for sale.  Time to let someone who'll cherish them have a go at it.

I don’t think they are recordings that are in great demand. I’ve only been through about 100 of them, most were pretty popular. For now I’m enjoying them. It’s amazing to think about what was going on in the world when they were recorded and the fact that the voices I’m hearing belong to people who died so long ago. Almost like hearing ghosts. 

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