Make America Smoke Again

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From the American Spectator.

I know we mostly deplore cigarettes , but this is a nice article, and only goes to show the utter contempt our betters have for us, the great unwashed. 


The number of American adults who smoke has fallen to the lowest level ever recorded, a mere third of what it was 70 years ago. Decades of aggressive public health campaigns and advertising bans are responsible for this remarkable decline. As norms and mores changed, smoking became situated somewhere between bear baiting and regularly dining at Cracker Barrel as a form of utterly deviant behavior.

Those who continue to smoke belong to the struggle towns and junklands of Middle America. They are usually adult men without much of an education, living below the poverty line; they are the very backbone of Trumpism. Of course during the golden age of American smoking in the years after World War II, Marlboro men were just as easily found in Madison Avenue and Wall Street as they were in Texas Hill Country or Youngstown. Smoking – before its deleterious effects on health were properly known – was a truly egalitarian practice that bound the country together as much as compulsory civics education ever did. Big Tobacco even played a surprising and largely forgottenrole in the emancipation of women in the 20th century.



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We still have Marlboro Men y'all, but they are few and far. Cigar smokers? All over Texas thank y'all! Lounges all over the state. And most I know have college educations. Screw cigarettes. I quit when I was 30 (got married to a non smoker). But started smoking stogies when I was 35 and out on the golf course.

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4 hours ago, MD Puffer said:

I have my doubts about the decline of cigarette smokers.  I think the millennials will eventually switch to cigarettes to break their vape addiction.

I skipped them both and went straight to cigars :ph34r:

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subtle writing. We shall unleash the twitter bots. ?

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