Connie 1 2017 12DCRC

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Christmas dinner is done, time for a Connie 1….


Happily bought the Christmas day of gorging and kids running wild and playing up like second hand lawn mowers, by taking on this cigar from box code BRE ARG 17. Time for Frosty and myself to come out to play! We were joined on this occasion by my Dad on a beautiful night in Byron Bay listening to the waves breaking onto the beach 150 meters away.

The cigar had that unmistakable "barnyard aroma" pre-light


Started off a very mild smoke with light cedar. A minute or so in and the flavours developed. The smoke was smooth, creamy and spicy with hints of light pepper and nutmeg. Smoke content was voluminous and the aroma delicious. This rounded out the first third which was paired up with a few tasty Pacific Ales by Stone&Wood. Frosty was pushing them hard as he was finding the warmer weather of the Australian Christmas summer a touch melting. Lol


Second third I got toasted nuts of an almond come join the party, there is an earthy cedarness, with a spicey zest and a slight cocoa creaminess. Transitioned over to the Balter XPA beer cans to keep up with the thirst quenching requirements of my snowball friend. Not that I minded much, bottoms up! Burn has been great and the ash holding superbly.


Final third the cocoa flavour increased along with the earthy cedar. Not over powering though and still a lingering creaminess that left the mouth feeling slick. I slowed the smoking down to keep the burn from heating up too much and kept the cigar smoking easily to the nub. The cigar burned well and didn’t require any touch ups. Shame it had to end.

Awesome experience to wind up the day. Great to be having a smoke with my Dad and one that performed well and transitioned nicely from medium to medium full. 90 for me.

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1 hour ago, HopeUgood said:

Sounds like a great night. I have been waiting to try the H. Upmann No. 1.  I bought a 6er of 24:24 that is 2018 I believe. 

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

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