FOH Xmas & New Year Review Comp 2018: Vegas Robaina Clasicos (1999)

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Took a family trip over the holidays, in big cities, with kids, and did not expect many (any) opportunities for cigars.  Managed to sneak a Monte media corona on xmas night, which was a treat.  Then, New Year's eve we were in London, met up with some friends, and the womenfolk offered to give us a couple hours break.  I knew of James J. Fox, and really wanted to visit since the CC bug bit me in the past year.  So we called to see how late they were open, the response was another three hours, and we were on our way.

I wanted to try something new, and memorable.  I immediately sought out a Trinidad La Trova, which seems to be the forum darling lately.  The friendly salesman said it was an LCDH exclusive, no dice.  Surprised me a bit since LCDH items seem to pop up elsewhere, but I moved on.  Looked at some insanely priced vintage stuff.  Was debating about a Monte 1935, or a CoLa, when the salesman mentioned some 1999 boxes that were not "vintage" priced.  One was a box of VR Clasicos.  They looked and smelled great, so I went for it.

I was more focused on conversation and enjoying the surroundings than the cigar itself, but it was a lovely cigar.  Draw was tighter than I prefer, but it burned perfectly to the end.  Started off with a light, dry sour flavor.  Not Partagas sourdough, and not citrus.  That disappeared in the first inch.  Then it went through some nuttiness, some leather, and cedar, which I admit all sound like a generic cigar review.  Around halfway, it developed a really, really nice cream, without losing any of the leather or nuts.  And it stayed that way to the end, with maybe a touch of dry cocoa powder, and even maybe a little cinnamon.  Overall, a very well rounded, light/medium bodied smoke.  I imagine a lot of that was to do with the age.  I don't see myself seeking out more of these, particularly since they are discontinued, but it was a memorable experience, and a nice way to close out the year with the oldest CC I've ever smoked.





Happy New Year everyone!

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4 minutes ago, Derboesekoenig said:

I've been debating these. How much were the boxes?

Man, I looked at so many cigars, I can't recall... I want to say the single was about 25 GBP.

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