Happy New Year from La Paz, Mexico


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Hola everyone, 

Wishing everyone a fantastic New Year! I've been a fan of Cubans the last 2.5 years, have a small tupperdor in my home in San Francisco, and spend several months a year in La Paz, Mexico.  

I've got a group of friends in the SF Bay area who like to get together, have a cigar and a relaxing time with Port or Scotch. 

Here in La Paz, I like to spend time on my condo's shared rooftop enjoying a cigar while watching the sunset.

I enjoy this forum more than any other! Hope to meet some of you fellow enthusiasts sometime.



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On 12/30/2018 at 9:51 AM, Derboesekoenig said:

Welcome! Are you from La Paz?

Would you recommend it for a vacation over Cabo or maybe Puerta Vallarta? I don't know much about La Paz.

Haven't been to California yet, but it'll be coming in 2019.

Hello, thanks! 

I definitely recommend you spend time visiting Baja Sur, starting with Los Cabos (San Lucas and San Jose - flying into SJD), then drive to Todos Santos, then on to La Paz. 

All 4 towns are different, each with its own charm.  

Check this recent Forbes article on La Paz: https://www.forbes.com/sites/breannawilson/2018/12/13/forget-tulum-and-cancun-its-all-about-baja-now/

Let me know and I can give you travel tips.




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