Juan Lopez Seleccion no.2 (2017/2018) 12DCRC

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This is my first time attempting to do a review so bare with me. It was pretty fun to concentrate and really distinguish what I’m tasting. I smoked the Juan Lopez no.2 from the holiday sampler after just shy of a month resting at 65%. This is the second no.2 I’ve ever tried.
Smells of rich sweet cocoa at the foot. Pairing it with a black coffee
Sweet and a bit of cream with some sweet chocolate notes, between a milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Ash is holding up very nice along with a nice volume of smoke. Draw is in the Goldilocks zone for me, not too constrictive nor open, just right. At the end of the first third the burn started to get wonky but it corrected itself
Flavors have died down a bit. Floral notes have come to the forefront with very faint hint of cocoa and sweetness with some mellow smooth spice in the end. I had to relight it at the end of the second
Burn line has remained sharp throughout. The last third is starting to show its youth with some bitterness. The sweet cocoa cream has gone away and I’m just getting floral notes with some cedar. Thankfully, the bitterness and cedar goes away and some smooth floral notes come to the forefront. For a moment it almost reminds me of a QdO corona with a few years of age. After about an hour and a half, it starts to get hot and bitter and I put it out.
Overall, I really enjoyed this cigar and will definitely be buying a box.

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