Ramon Allones Club Allones EL 2015 : FOH Xmas & New Year Review Comp 2018

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Ramon Allones Club Allones 2015





Musky earthy smell from the whole shaft of the cigar that’s almost square pressed from being in a box too tight for its own good. Thanks HSA!

Removing the cap reveals a nice Cuban dimple... First few puffs very interesting mix of dark cocoa, leather, earth, grapefruit and dark orange peel.. With just a tiny pinch of pepper. .

The aroma from the footsmoke coming out of this is just... incredible.... beyond words... .

Sadly one part of the wrapper just would not burn. At all. This review might be a short one. 10mins in. 3 touch ups. Still no burn. It refuses to burn.... .


15mins ini, 5 touchups required. Wrapper won’t catch fire. Still an interesting smoke but the cigar is tunneling now.... only the fillers are burning. Should have dry boxed at 62 for a couple of days or so .

Cut this cigar by 1 inch to reboot. Still not burning. By the 24th relight, this cigar tastes like your grandfathers cigar that he smoked a couple of nights ago and kept the rest of it for another Sunday morning... .



At best, this is one of the most interesting Cuban cigar, almost like HSA’s answer to Liga Privada No.9, with dense thick cloudy and voluminous smokes (more than another other habano I have ever smoked). Decadent chocolate undertones with streaks of orange and citrus peels. Unfortunately, Cubatabacco has not yet perfected their blend and construction enough to create a blockbuster freight train that is the No.9... The rest of gars in this LE box will go into deep quarantined hibernation at 62rH 22deg celsius. .







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