Juan Lopez Seleccion number 2 (2017/18) 12DCRC

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This stick was from a psp box from our host.

second stick of the day since it was such a nice and sunny day.


I’ve smoked through about a 1/3 of the box already because it’s been really good and consistent.

Cold draw was barnyard and after lighting, I get the woody citrus flavor.  



I’m not sure if it was because I had another cigar before this but it turned out to be so so flavor wise. All I got was the woody citrus flavor all the way through until it decided to tunnel and had to crunch it to keep it going.



Smoke production was good except during the tunneling towards the end.  The flavors were a bit lacking from the other sticks out of the same box but it was still nice to relax  n the sun.







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Give 'em some time.  I had a box a few years back and gave them a year.   I got the "hard candy" taste that's been described.  I'm smoking a very young No. 1 as I types and it's about like you described.  I wish I had more patience. . .  so I'll preach instead.  

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