Finished my first FOH box today...

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So after a couple years of going back to it, finally it happened. My last ULA 2014 Bolivar Coronas Juniors. Great little cigars. 

I recall thinking they had a certain untamed flavor. I soon learned it’s referred to as “mongrel”. Now a few years later they really did transition into a great smooth stout smoke.

This was my first box purchase from the Czar. My toes in the water test, which in no short order became full on swan diving :)

what was your first box from Rob and the team? Do you still have it?




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My first order from the team was about 2 years ago. I got a 10er of Monte 2 and a box of Siglo IV. The Monte 2 were realllllly rough around the edges so I haven't revisited them since, hoping age will smooth it out. Bland and lacking in the rich sweetness they're known for. Have bought several boxes of other Monte 2's since! The Sig IV have been delightful. I think I've smoked 5-6 of them and none of them have let me down. Anxiously awaiting this deployment to end so I can get home and get back to them! I think I've ordered 45-50 boxes in the 2 years since I've found FoH, many are full lying in wait for me. What a hobby this place has made for me!

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My first box would most likely have over 12 years age on it by now if fresh when bought.

Thinking back, good chance it was a cab of Bolivar PC or CE. That box has been gone quite some time.....

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